Privacy Policy
Last modified: July 01, 2016
hmv PLAY is an online music service. We respect our users’ privacy. The following is our privacy policy, please take a moment to read it and understand how we collect, use and protect the personal information of our users.
Obtainment of Personal Information
When you register as a hmv PLAY member, our website/software will ask you for your e-mail address, name, gender, birthday and phone number to set up your registered account.
When you are using hmv PLAY’s member system or participating our online advertising/marketing activities, our website/software will ask for your registration account (i.e. your email address) and password to log-in for identifying your identity, so we can provide you with our service.
Usage of Personal Information
The user's personal information which our website/software collected, for example, your name will be only used to identify the user, your e-mail address or contact address will be used to contact with or send invoices to you in addition to our and our business partners’ latest promotions and events and notifications. Unless receiving your consent, we will not use your personal information in other ways or share it to the third Party. The third Party will have no right to use this information. Should you wish to opt out in receiving direct marketing materials from us (by email or by test messaging), you can send us an “un-subscribe” email at any time.
When a user disobeys the terms and conditions or damages our website and/or other users, or when we are requested by any judiciary department to disclosure any specific user’s information based on public security, we will disclose or provide user’s information under due process of law.
Liberty of Providing Personal Information
You can decide for yourself when filing the user’s personal information. When you voluntarily agree with our service clauses and register as our member, you have your own right to decide whether you would like to provide us your other personal information.
You can look up, revise, or delete your personal information which you registered on our website, including the decision whether you want to receive relevant activities or RSS information.
Security of Personal Information
To protect your privacy, your personal information is password-protected, and we use general standard SSL security system to protect your personal information transmission security. Please keep your password and personal information safe. Please also be reminded when you used hmv PLAY relevant service already, make sure that you have logged out or close the software and your browser to prevent from pirating.
hmv PLAY website might connect other website or webpage links. Those websites or web pages might also collect your personal information. SOLITON will not be responsible or liable whatsoever if you connect at such other website or webpage links, regardless of the content of the privacy policy of such website/webpage links.
Collect or Usage of Other Data
Our website and software will record the IP address of users and collect data relevant regarding user’s activities on our website. These data will only be used for analyzing user's favor and habit, calculating visitors and flow, adjusting the content of webpage in accordance with user's behavior and preference. We will not use such data to correspond with you personally.
We retain all the rights to keep and use such data of user's behavior.
Revision of Privacy Policy
hmv PLAY have the right to adjust this Privacy Policy at its sole discretion at any time. When we make significant revision, we will inform you with a public notice on our official website or send you RSS or electronic news through e-mail.