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  • Catalogue:88985412492
  • Release Date:2017-05-19

1. The K2 main theme Choi Cheolho & Park Areum

2. Same day Kim Bohyung

3. Sometimes Sung Eun U

4. Amazing Grace YOONA

5. Love you Min Kyunghoon

6. As Time Stops Park Kwangsun

7. Anemone CHAN

8. The Witch and the Girl Choi Cheolho & Oh Hyeju

9. Mirror Mirror Yang Seonmi

10. Wolf Knight Yang Seonmi

11. Quando Corpus Morietur Choi Cheolho & Hong Dongpyo & G. Pergolesi

12. Wolf's Song Yang Seonmi

13. Serenade Yang Seonmi

14. Witching Hour Choi Cheolho & Oh Hyeju

15. The Witch's Advice Kim Minyeong

16. Der Rosenkavalier Choi Cheolho & Park Areum

17. Against the Odds Oh Hyeju

18. A queen of the forest Choi Cheolho & Park Areum

19. Anna's Appassionata L.V.Beethoven & Park Jeongeun

20. Anemone Yang Seonmi

由池昌旭、宋玧妸及少女時代@潤娥領銜主演之韓國tvN電視台人氣連續劇 <THE K2> 電視劇原聲帶 CD版。

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